Bee Linking

swarm in the apple tree

I will do my own post on the bees someday soon.  But right now I have blogged on about the bees on two other sites on the web, so if you like you can go see what I have to say about them via the following links (and, as perhaps you are learning, I often have A LOT to say…sigh.)  Both of these links are quite lengthy, so, reader beware.

Phil of the blog Portland Kitchen Online posted the text from a tour I led during Zenger Farm’s annual Bee Day in September.  Zenger Farm is an educational organic farm that runs programs and classes for Portland are schoolchildren.  I am part of a group of  volunteers who keep the hives there. Phil’s blog focuses on cooking with local ingredients and spreading the locavore gospel.  He is also one of the many awesome volunteers that help out at Zenger.

Karen of the blog Mamalooma interviewed me last week about my backyard top bar hives and swarm catching.  I really like the broad arc of her postings, and her sense of humor.  The interview is part of her Home is a Verb! series.  Karen is based in St Paul, Minnesota.

An online resource that I have used continuously when I have questions about my bees is the Natural Beekeeping Network Forum(plus it is a wonderful global community of ‘radical’ beekeepers).  If you are interested in hobby beekeeping using natural and sustainable methods, this is a site to bookmark.

bees on comb


2 thoughts on “Bee Linking

  1. professor

    Very nice blog work. We are living a similar lifestyle here in WV. Just bought another solar panel for our array as we are off grid. Just gotta have our computers though. Good friends of mine have gone the rabbit route for many years and they love it. Too hard for us we are near vegetarians, the wife is total vegan but my daughter (20 yo) and I still like eggs, cheese and some meat every now and then as long as it’s all organic, nonGMO, hormone free, the whole routine. You are doing well with the bees so keep up the good work. Take care. Gil

  2. spudlust Post author

    Hi Gil,
    Ah, West Virginia is so pretty this time of year. I always miss the appalachians in the fall. Thanks for looking me up!
    Yeah, the rabbits. I am going to struggle with that one when the time comes. Luckily so far our main doe seems to be avoiding pregnancy in a very un-rabbitlike manner.
    I was once near vegetarian, but I married a confirmed huntin’ and fishin’ carnivore and willingly went back to the dark side. My compromise is that we know the source and buy in bulk from local organic producers, or produce our own. Hope you missed the worst of that storm front that is blowing through the East. And thanks for the support and excellent bee advice!


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