Baby bunnies! And other signs of spring, never mind snow in the forecast.

It is supposed to snow this week, but the back garden bees were flying in a recent patch o’ sunshine…

Katy helped Huz plant some peas in the alley-patch.

And the new chickens (Wyandotte, Wyandotte, no-tail, and Cuckoo the Cuckoo Maran, in the latest iteration of backyard coop design….this coop breaks down into flat panels for easy transport, and keeps the hens up off the ground so they are drier, and the ground does not turn into a nitrogen-poisoned mud pit.  We let the girls out to run around for a few hours when the weather is nice.  The Cuckoo Maran lays a lovely terra cotta colored egg, which looks great with the pinky-buff Wyandotte eggs and the blue-grey eggs of Whitey chicken.  Her only failing as a chicken is she is LOUD, and an early riser.  The other girls are currently living in a duplex with Poppa bunny.  All our hens are on a deep bedding system, which is usually a mix of hay, straw, and leaves.  Here Huz is giving these gals a new load of leaves, which they will dig through happily all afternoon for worms and other crawlies.

And, latest update….Baby bunnies!  Snacks had her first batch of kits this morning.  We found 3 dead in the front of the bunny box, but 3 or 4 more snugly cuddled up in a dense pile of momma bunny fur in the back of the box.  Snacks in her first ever sign of displeasure snorted at us when we removed the dead bunnies, but by feeding time was back to her old self.  I am not going to post any pics just yet, we are slated for 5 days of serious cold weather and snow, and I don’t want anyone getting too attached to the babies (myself included….yeah, good luck with that Laura), until they weather this storm.  They should be snug enough in their nest, the danger is if Snacks hops out of the box with one still attached to a nipple that then can’t return to the box to stay warm.  I have read that bunnies typically nurse once a day in the morning, but we will check on them several times a day for the first week or so.

Momma bunny will hopefully have her kits next week…if she is indeed pregnant that is.  Get out your woolies everyone!


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