baby bunnies….and bee poop

So as you may or may not know, honeybees ‘hold it’ when it is cold, to avoid defecating in the hive.  We just had a break in the weather of sunny and 50 degree plus temps after two weeks of the worst of Oregon weather….cold in the teens, snow, howling winds, then something like 3 inches of rain over a day and a half.  So when the sun hit my hives this weekend, everyone came out for a cleansing flight.  It was pretty impressive, the hive fronts looked like they do at the height of the honeyflow….busy busy busy.  This is what they did….all over every horizontal surface in my backyard.  Not a good day to hang out the laundry.So, now that I have grossed you out completely, here is your prize:  the baby bunnies all made it through the cold snap in fine fettle.  We got into the bunny box and pulled out eight baby bunnies, which means that for her first litter snacks bunny had 11 kits!  She is such a good bun.  Momma bunny had her big day last wednesday, we think there are at least five in there, but as Huz says counting baby bunnies is a little like trying to count minnows.

meet the kits

my favorite kit, looks just like momma

one of three black bunnies

one of two white bunnies

have a nice day!  If we get some more warm weather we will do a photo op of Momma Bunny’s kits next week!


5 thoughts on “baby bunnies….and bee poop

    1. spudlust Post author

      Hi Joe,
      Sorry, no the bunnies are not for sale (especially these bunnies which were last year’s). When we get the farm we hope to raise bunnies for others than ourselves.
      Thanks for the interest! cheers, Laura


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