when in doubt….

Ok, with the new war in the middle east and the horrific events in Japan and a March that continues to roar dreary windy cold and wet, when I am feeling as gloomy as the clouds overhead, I go look at the baby bunnies.  So I thought I would share with ya’ll.  The older kits are growing like weeds, and have already learned to drink from the automatic waterer.  This morning at feeding time they lined up at the trough like little pigs….adorable.  Unfortunately by the time I went to get the camera and came back they were settling in for a morning nap.  The older kits have pretty much outgrown the bunny box, although as our nights continue to go down to the thirties I am leaving it in for a while longer so that anyone that doesn’t make it into the bunny pile has a snug place to go.  I removed the old bunny box at day 18 and gave them a freshly cleaned and sanitized one, and I change out the hay in the box every day.  Apparently this is the age when the buns are the most fragile as their digestive systems switch over to solid food from momma’s milk, so it is important to keep things fairly clean.  This litter is an amazing array of bunny genetics from pure white with pink eyes, to all black, to spotty like dad (on one spotty bunny the spots have momma’s brown coloring…this kit is one of my favorites), to one that is a carbon copy of its mother.

The younger kits are also growing fast, and everybody popped out of the bunny box last weekend.  Now they are everywhere, in the top of the feeder sampling hay, under the feeder sampling pellets, and extra fuzzy and cute.  None of these bunnies have pink eyes, many are all white with the black eye ring which is classic Blanc de Hotot coloring.  Very cute bunnies, especially when they are settling in for a nap.  They kiss and groom eachother very sweetly when preparing for bed.

Finally, in spite of the cold the spectacular pale pink flowering currant bush has finally opened some blossoms.  Hopefully today or tomorrow things will clear up and warm up enough so that the honeybees can take advantage, as well as the hummingbirds.  The daffodils are blooming too.

In the greenhouse last weekend I potted up my tomato starts and seeded my peppers (in the basement to germinate).  The mousy rats that live in my block ate all my peas except three, so I have started new peas in soil blocks under my mouseproof cover in the greenhouse.  I am waiting until later this year to start the eggplant…. I always end up shocking them accidentally and never get any fruit as a result.

mouse proof start box

future sauce


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