Early garden progress

We had an actual sunny spring day on saturday, so after a long week I spent it in the garden.  Things really start to pop in April!  Yay.

First, we moved the bunnies out of the garden.  In this photo Poppa bunny is still in his deluxe apartment, but he has since been moved to a 1 bunny room studio, and the ladies and their younguns now each have a 3’x6′ hutch to spread out in.  They seem to like it well, and are either tearing around or lounging in spacious contentment.  The kits are growing fast, and are curious about everything.  Poppa keeps asking me what he did to deserve such a downgrade.

This spot in our yard gets morning sun and then is nice and shady all afternoon, so the bunnies will reside here for the summer.  The beds the bunnies were over have been turned under and will host the tomato plants.

Last fall I transplanted the new asparagus crowns from their plastic tubs to this garden bed….and here they come!  These were under cloche, so they are a little ahead of the rest.

The peas that were started in soil blocks in the greenhouse have been transplanted out.  Soil blocks are kind of a pain to make but a breeze to transplant.  No pricking out, no torn rootlets, very little stress.  They are worth it!  And the mousy rats tasted one or two and decided they were not tender enough to destroy, they much prefer the seeds right when they are germinating.  We will have peas!  Ha ha.  I am starting a second planting in the greenhouse of a purple podded variety that I am excited to try.  In this bed I am using 6×6 concrete reinforcement mesh for trellis.  It stacks flat, comes in 4×8 sheets, is cheap, and lasts forever.  I use it for everything from tomato cages to cloche supports to trellis and it works great.  I have even built compost bins out of it.

And finally….the potatoes I planted on St Patrick’s Day are coming up!  These are red fleshed fingerling variety.  There are some La Ratte’s planted in this bed as well.  There is a good chance I am going to help garden a large plot up in Corbett (east of the city) with a friend, and hopefully I will be able to grow enough potatoes to get us through next winter.  I am also hoping to plant popcorn, winter squash and pumpkins, and dry beans…all the staples I don’t have enough room to plant here in my backyard.  I can’t wait for my first batch of roasted new potatoes…..Spud Lust indeed.

Finally, my apologies for the less than stellar photography….one of my goals for this year is a new point and shoot with better picture quality (although I do love the fact this camera fits in an Altoids tin.  As a result, it goes everywhere and has taken many many fabulous photos).

Next week I will hopefully have some pics from McMinnville….I am going out there on Saturday with my friend Clare to help her with her team in the plowing competition.  There will be about 20 teams there from all over the Willamette Valley, plus demonstrations and a lot of amazing and cool old tractors and farm equipment.  Here is the link to the event.


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