Champion of the world

Ok, so it has been a pretty tough spring Chinook season.  However, my husband finally landed a fish the other day.  I just happened to find a lost piece of Coho in the back of the freezer the night before that we ate immediately which seems to have lifted the curse! The best part of my husband landing a salmon is it puts him in a fabulous mood for about a week.  Then salmon fever sets back in in earnest.  We are going out on the Willamette this weekend, perhaps fortune will smile on us again.  As always, we shared this first fish with some good friends, with homemade hooch someone had given us, bread and a side of braised stinging nettle, a native ditch side weed that is more delicious than any spinach.  Sorry for the gore, this photo was take just after Huz had cut the gill to bleed the fish out.

11 pounds of deliciousness, fresh from the sea

We had a great weekend at the Yamhill Heritage Center plowing competition, Clare and the boys did the best plowing job yet.  And Clare’s mentor Duane Van Dyke won ‘Supreme plowman’, which made him feel like the Champion of the World as well.

Turnout was amazing, over 1400 folks came out from what I heard.  Unfortunately, none of us brought a camera, but here is a link to Kathleen’s Good Stuff Northwest blog, where there is a good video of Duane and Nick and Nellie.


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