Swarm Season

Spring has been late.  Again.  But, it has finally warmed up enough and we have had a couple of glorious days over the last two weekends. We have had two swarms in our back yard already, and I have caught two afield as well.  Here is a picture of the swarm we attempted to hive last night out in Gaston at Big Table Farm.  These were reluctant bees, I think because the temperature had dropped below a comfortable 50 degrees.  They were not happy about being moved, and I ended up with not one but two bees up my pant leg.  You just never know how it is going to go.  Neither bee stung me though, so I guess they weren’t totally pissed, or I am extremely lucky.

This swarm was a challenge because the bees were clumped on a roll of wire, and every time I moved the wire bees got smushed in between the coils.  Hopefully the queen was not one of them!  I am sure that was in part the reason for their crankiness.

Otherwise this swarm was a dream:  a good sized population, and only 2 feet off of the ground.  I caught the original colony that threw this swarm off of a fencepost last summer, and they were all wound up in a piece of plastic drain pipe in a very similar fashion.  So interesting, and quite possibly the same queen.  She either is not a great flier, or has a thing for stuff leaning up against fence posts!


3 thoughts on “Swarm Season

    1. spudlust Post author

      Well, time will tell. I just hope the queen made it inside safe and sound….we will have to check up on her doins in a week or two.


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