A very good link.

One of the members of my bee group just turned me on to this website, which is a great compilation of all news and information related to bees and beekeeping, condensed and vetted by a person very knowledgeable in the field.  Check it out:

In other news….saw a property this weekend that could be The One.  Still working out funding….and need to research the water situation.  But, great soils (Jory) perfect S-SE aspect, and a location that will work for us.  Finally got a solid count on baby bunnies, and we have 7.  2 black, 4 spotty, and one with perfect Blanc de Hotot coloring (white with a black eye ring).  They are still tucked away in the bunny box but I hope to have pics later this week.

cheers everyone!


2 thoughts on “A very good link.

  1. amy benson

    Are you trying to torture me? I need more info on the property that made your heart go pitter patter! It’s not fair to say you found The One, but not include one picture or give a clue about location.

    1. spudlust Post author

      Yes of course I am trying to torture you….you probably will not approve of this place…it is right at 1000 feet and has no water. I am currently doing a big pile of permaculturey research on keylines, off channel ponds, and other water harvesting options. Even the wells in this area are crummy, the average for the area is 11 gals/minute. The water master couldn’t find a log for either well on the place, so they are probably not up to snuff and would need to be replaced. That said, it is 58 acres, mostly class IIe Jory soils, has the perfect southern aspect and slope. A creek crosses the bottom of the property, and there is also at least a seasonal spring. 3 buildings….a crummy house, and two good outbuildings (including a really nice barn). Gorgeous views in all directions. It is far away from you and Clare….outside of Molalla. But cheap enough we could pay cash, and still have some $ left over for pond building and well drilling and house rehabbing, once we sell ours. And the land is probably pretty clean, as no one has really ever farmed there because there is no water. I am probably crazy to even consider it.
      Davey is looking at it as I type. My finances are still on hold, not sure what is up with my cousin in MA who is supposedly helping me with the deal I need to make with my sister. Anyway, lots of balls in the air…I may fall in love with something else tomorrow, but I am learning a lot! Any idea of how Mike’s pond building extravaganza went? Was it years in the process and piles of pain and suffering to do?


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