Sunny window

At this time of year, any sun break that lasts more than 5 minutes brings us all outside.

Bees are flying and collecting pollen.

The bunnies are growing.

Dogs are paging for bellyrubs.  Or just basking.

Tomatoes are up, and have been moved to the greenhouse, where they are getting seriously hardened off (we have had snow, hail, and unseasonably low temps in the last week).

And I got the peas planted, not quite on President’s Day, but close enough.  I do love the ease of planting peas in soil blocks, I just dig a trench the depth of the blocks and pop them in and cover.  The 2″ spacing is just about right for peas.  I use 4×4 concrete reinforcement mesh for trellis (also for low tunnels, just cover with plastic or reemay and stake down).

Hope you have a sunny day wherever you are!


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