Things you might need to know….

Firstly and most importantly, Big Table Farm’s spring releases are…well, released!  This includes the always amazing Syrah and my personal favorite, the Rose, which they did not make last year.  Boy did I miss it.  Here is the link to Clare’s release letter:

Secondly, there was a great post at 47th Avenue farms a week or so ago about their new germination station, which looks amazing and brilliant.  I don’t have the room for such a thing in my current 6×8 mouse infested greenhouse, but some day when I get a big girl hoophouse….you seeds better watch out.  Here is the link….you may need to scroll down a post or two.

The down side of this crazy weather….my tomato seedlings are pretty stressed.  I may have to start over with some of the more robust varieties (bigger seedlings got hit the hardest by the cold).  The up side?  I just spent an evening night-snowboarding in deep powder conditions.  When life gives you unexpected snowstorms, carve some turns.  Now, please excuse me while I go look for the ibuprofen…



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