Cowgirl Spa Day

I have been busy busy busy this fall, and blogging obviously has fallen by the wayside.  The good news:  Snack’s kits are ready to be harvested, and Momma bunny is acting very pregnant….we bred her about 2 1/2 weeks ago and tuesday night she built a beautiful bunny nest.  So we will hopefully have at least one more batch of kits, ideally two, before winter hits.

My lone chicken Salt has moved on to a fabulous new farm home at Square Peg Farm, where she will have a lot more chances to free range and socialize with other hens.  She and the other girls will be hard at work renovating one of the orchards this fall.  She has been a good chicken, and I am glad she will get to lead a more fulfilling chicken life.  Hopefully her new coop mates won’t beat up on her too much.  The bad news is we haven’t found the farm yet.  We looked pretty hard at a place in Colton, that ended up being too high and too rocky.  I had a crush on a 10 acre piece outside of Forest Grove, but it was too much N. exposure for my husband (someone should buy this place though!).  So we are still looking.  Water continues to be the primary limiting factor.  We will find it!
On other notes, I took a ‘cowgirl spa day’ with a couple of friends, Clare Carver of Big Table Farm and Sarah Hahn, the Gluten Free Cowgirl, and we took 3 horses to the Oregon coast for 24 hours of wine, horses, and wahoo.

Sarah relaxes….finally!

And then does some fancy trick riding on a green four year old rescue horse

Who very much enjoyed his first trip to the beach, by the way. I think this horse’s name was Mocha, but we called him Snickerdoodle, because of his color and sweet temperament.

Thanks ladies for a wonderful wonderful day!


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