The county said yes…..and now we wait.

So, I have been holding off on posting about this property for TWO MONTHS, as we weren’t sure the seller would be able to resize the parcel in a way that would work for us.  As of today the word is it can be done!  The down side is it will take 8-12 months for us to close, as the county has to resurvey the parcel and finish the final paperwork and the seller has to do some work before they can legally sell it to us.  It is going to be challenging to wait one more year before planting my fruit trees….but we should be able to get in there and cut back the blackberries at least, before they get out of hand.
We have in jest been referring to this property as ‘the bunion’, as it is being carved off the toe of the larger parcel.

That said, it has a wise old house and a nice barn and equipment shed, a year round creek, located in a lovely pocket valley that faces south and surrounded by timberland, well drained soils, and close to some very dear friends.  Best of all, my husband loves this place, possibly even more than I do.

There are no water rights, but the price is so good we will have funds for water catchment, and plenty of roof to collect from.  How I am going to last without planting the half acre worth of seed I bought this month I am not sure.  Maybe I will rent a plot on Sauvie’s Island this summer.  Otherwise, I have lots of time to brush up on my business plan, work on the marketing materials (logo is close to complete already), budget for things like tillers, hoop houses, fencing (we are going to have all kinds of wildlife and predator pressure, from our own dogs to the 50+ herd of elk that rambles through this place), water filter systems (house is on a gravity fed spring), irrigation, water catchment, home and barn repair…..not to mention spruce up our own place so we can put it on the market.

Enough talk….here she is:

Our friend Jon started calling the house the ‘ghost owl house’, after seeing this picture.  This is my nearly ninety year old mother in law, Clara, in the kitchen.

clara with ghost owls

Here I am testing out the gravity feed water system.  It works!  I should also mention the light fixture is retractable, so you can bring it down right over your dirty dishes when you need to do some serious scrubbin’.gravity fed spring works!

Here is a view from the mailbox.  It is on a dead end road, with only one other house.

view from the mailbox

No real estate deal is for real until the papers are signed the check is cashed and the keys are in hand, still, we have good reason to believe the deal will go through.  Wish us luck and patience!  Good things come to those who wait, or so I am told.  My guess is we will go out and visit sometime soon, so I may be able to post some more pictures of fun things like the beautiful walnut tree, and the barn.  The other good thing is having a whole growing season to wait will give me a chance to get a feel for this property’s rhythms and patterns, so I can put some real thought into where more permanent things like fences and hoop houses and fruit trees  and bee hives should go.  Still, it will be so hard to wait!


2 thoughts on “The county said yes…..and now we wait.

  1. Barry

    Congratulations!! You might want to start some of your future fruit trees in 20 gallon pots now, then transplant them in the fall, so they can establish their roots before rhe springtime. Looks to be big enough for a tractor, too!

  2. spudlust Post author

    20 gallon pots…that makes my back hurt just to contemplate, but may be a good punt option. There may be other options, like renting the land before the purchase is complete. We are meeting with the seller soon to get the contract hammered out and will use that time to explore the possibilities.


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