Spring Bee Classes in the Portland Area

Here are the classes on beekeeping I have found in the Portland area for spring 2013.  If you are looking to take a beekeeping class, sign up now, as they fill up quickly, and many of the mid February classes are already full (I have only listed classes that as of today appear to have space).  Remember this is also the time to order bees and equipment, and inventory your gear for the upcoming season.

Beethinking  Top Bar Beekeeping class Feb 19

Livingscape Nursery:  Beekeeping basics, Feb 23

Ruhl Bee Supply:  Top Bar Hives Feb 23  Beekeeping Basics, March 9  Spring Management March 23

Willamette Valley Beekeepers Association Bee School  Feb 14, 19, 21  (the class is comprehensive and taught over three days).  This link also includes information on the other two ORSBA sponsored bee schools in the area:

Astoria Bee School  March 16

Tualatin Valley Beekeepers Association April 8, 10, 13  (also taught over three days)

Friendly Haven Rise Farm in S. Washington has ongoing beekeeping workshops with a biodynamic focus.  Check their website for dates.

Portland Nursery is now offering a bee class.  Feb 23.

I will not be teaching any beekeeping classes for Zenger Farm this year, if any bee classes do get on their schedule I will post.  Zenger does have a lot of other cool workshops available to the community, so check them out!

Also check out the Oregon Master Beekeeper program….I believe you need to sign up about a year in advance, and I know the program is also looking for additional instructors.  This is season long hands on instruction…a great way to learn and connect with the beekeeping community.

top bar bees fall 2011


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