Patience is a virtue

So, I think we will get our little farm in wine country, but due to bureaucratic hurdles the wait will be several months until we close, definitely not this growing season.  We haven’t even signed the original contract yet, but expect to do so this week.  We are trying to negotiate some access to the place while we wait, so we can mitigate damage on the house (the roof leaks) and maybe get a jump on weeds and invasives in the area we want to plant by throwing out some cover crop seed and hand pulling or cutting back the worst of the infiltrators.  The old pasture was sprayed with herbicide when they planted it with seedling trees, so it is a pretty blank slate right now.  We also just want the place to look like someone is coming around and caring for it even though the house is empty, so it will be a less tempting target for vandals and hooligans.  Here is a shot of the house:

as you can see the roof is pretty mossy.  Luckily it is a steep pitched roof, which means most of the water runs off leaks or no.

shes a

The hope was we could rent before we closed and get on the land in time to get a market garden in this year, but that is not to be.  So infrastructure, chickens, greenhouses, that all will have to wait.  In addition to researching the best sources for all that infrastructure, and working on my business plan, and creating the farm logo, and figuring out how best to get this bird off the ground and how many markets I should try to do next year, and which ones, I am planning on keeping my city job for a few months longer than originally planned, and having some fun this summer.  My sister and I both had significant birthdays this year, and are cooking up a plan to hike the highlands and moors of Scotland for a week plus.  It sounds like the perfect combination of exercise, fantastic scenery, history, and whiskey.  It will be self guided, but our lodgings will be booked ahead and our belongings toted to whatever wee inn in whatever wee town we are hiking to that day.  Backpacking, but with clean sheets and tiny packs!  Quirky scots with thick accents!  Lochs, stone circles, castles, possibly oatmeal! Me middle name is Stuart, after all…..

Husband and I are also planning another trip to the west coast of Vancouver Island this summer, one of our favorite places.  It looks like this.

wife in canada


Whales, seals, birds, wild coastlines, lovely Canadians.  You should go there.

I also plan to reunite with the nutshell here, and do a river trip or two.  She is currently living in Estacada, while we try to clear our decks a little.

the nutshell

So as you see, even though I may have to wait 10-12 months to have chickens again, I am doing my best to be patient.  Good things come to those who wait!



4 thoughts on “Patience is a virtue

    1. spudlust Post author

      I know I know, but I have to start those veggies in the summer and put them somewhere! If we are lucky we will land the place in september or october, and I can at least get some cover crop, favas, garlic and onions in,and maybe recruit a friend to raise some winter veg for me…..and I will get chickens as soon as we land there. We are just holding off on hens for now to keep the move simple and try to re-establish what little grass we have in the backyard. A hoop house will be the first piece of infrastructure we build, and I will be able to get some things off to an early start there. Thanks for the pep talk though! Love it!


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