Completed garden cart

The cart has been completed, and is now out at Square Peg Farm for testing.  It is very light and well balanced, and turns on a dime.  I think the flexibility of it will be very useful, and am already envisioning add ons like a drop in frame of expanded mesh or screen for harvesting and cleaning root vegetables like carrots and parsnips.

Here is the completed cart:  I used two 26″ mountain bike wheels/tires for the wheels.

completed garden cart

Here it is being transported on the rack of my Civic Hatchback…it fit just perfect.

cart on car

Here is how I reinforced the corners, as I was using a smaller tubing for the handle and was worried it wouldn’t be sturdy enough for regular farm abuse:

corner reinforcement

Here it is with the drop in plywood top for hauling flats, amendments, harvest tubs, etcetera.  These may need some additional work to keep things from sliding off in transit.


I also took some seed balls out to The Bunion (the little farm).  Seed balls are very fun to make, and even more fun to distribute.  I went through my seed stash and made up a mix of red clover, white clover, hulless oats, native wildflower seed, with a few brassicas tossed in for good measure (mostly kales).  I then mixed this with dry red stoneware clay, compost and a little water, and then formed up the seed balls and let them dry.  Here they are in a bucket (parents, this would be a super fun project for kids, though adults should do the materials mixing as powdered dry clay is hazardous to your health).  Here is a seed ball recipe for those who may be interested, or have some old seed to distribute.  bucket o seedballs

At 1 1/2 inches in diameter and several ounces each, these are super fun to toss out into a field or any site you are interested in introducing guerrilla seed to.  I am interested in replacing the clovers in this pasture that were killed by the broadleaf herbicides used by the timber company when they planted the field in doug fir seedlings, and in increasing the diversity of the plants there.  I don’t know if any of it will ‘take’, but that will be fun to see down the road!  To distribute the balls, you just walk merrily about the site hucking balls in all directions until you run out or feel seeds have been appropriately distributed.  The seed ball in theory, helps protect the seeds from predation and desiccation, until conditions are right for germination.

seed ball application

Since then, the thistles have made their appearance in spades.  I will have my work cut out for me trying to reduce their presence without cultivation.  A second seed ball application in conjunction with a lot of hand pulling is in order for the next two months.  I also got my swarm bait hives in place, at last!  We will see how they do.  We finally saw the colony that lives in the house in action, they seem to be thriving and live in the corner of the N dormer.

Put this on your calendar:  next saturday is the Mcminnville Historical Society farm fest and plowing competition.  I will be helping with a team of Shires this year, which should be very exciting.  Lots of old tractors and other equipment, plus plowing demos and competition with some of the best draft teams in Oregon.  Hope to see you there!


4 thoughts on “Completed garden cart

  1. Amy

    The cart has been really useful, but for my comfort/ease of use I’m going to add a cup holder and handle bar tape.

    1. spudlust Post author

      A cup and water bottle holder seem like natural add ons. I asked josh about handle bar tape, he says he did it once, it wore out, and he never replaced it. But I think it sounds like a good idea. Glad it is working! Does it fit over your beds?


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