Putting the cart before the horse

Or, the tractor before the farm.  We now own one of these…..

Leave it to my husband to think outside the box, but for our small, hilly property-to-be, I think this tool on most counts will be the right one.  He uses one at work all the time, which is where he got the idea, for materials handling, removing blackberries, setting posts in hard to get at spots, etc.

We bought the dingo used of course, and the price was right (or at least way better than buying one new!).  Plus it comes with several attachments:  3 sizes of auger, a loader, a trenching attachment, forks, and a really nice trailer.  We can rent or buy a tiller for it too, though I want to try renting one first.  My only hesitation on the tiller is that you have to walk backwards to till with it…but it has at least twice the hp of a big BCS type tiller, so should be easier on the user to operate (minus the crick in the neck).  With the tracks it only compresses the ground at about 3.5 psi, the trencher will be awesome for laying out watering systems and redoing the spring supply line to the house, the augers will be great for setting fence and putting in orchard, the forks for moving things around and pulling old metal trash out of the ditch, the loader bucket for materials handling and compost turning, plus it is small enough to fit through a man-gate or turn around in a stall.  We can run it safely anywhere on the property, and even if the ground is wet, as it will compress things less than I will.  You can put a hitch on the front for parking trailers or moving pastured critter housing….

Where I think this tool is not going to shine is in the mowing department, as I don’t think it has a very fast operating speed, but hopefully we will have critters to take care of most of that.  And if it doesn’t work out, we will sell it (though always easier to buy than to sell!).  I am hoping to get my first tutorial next week!  Next on the list:  the farm truck…..



2 thoughts on “Putting the cart before the horse

  1. Barry

    That Dingo looks ….cute! I know, I know, but then I say that about the little BX Kubotas too. I haven’t seen one in my few forays to the implement playgrounds (dealers), but it looks like it could do a lot. And – you can tinker, test, any tool it up before the hard stuff. I have no idea why, but I just sense somehow the Bunion will be yours sooner than later. I hope so, anyway. Now, as for the Ford – it looks like Willie Nelson, all weathered but authentic right down to the all-wheel drive! [Um, no, Willie just sits a lot]

  2. spudlust

    Thanks Barry! I hope you are right about the bunion timing….the Ford is just the idea of a farm truck (and an image borrowed from the internet). Hopefully the Big Truck we do find will have as much character. I used to be a river guide so have spent a lot of time around big old trucks…ones that lost their transmissions on the shuttle home, ones that had old coffee cans for parts, even one we called “christine” as she would lock up her brakes for no reason or run over small animals, and then wipe her windshield in eerie satisfaction. Hopefully the one we find won’t be quite so spooky.


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