So in the name of all things summery, here in my last summer of Not Farming I am hoping to take full advantage of all fun-hog opportunities that come my way.  My sister and I leave for Scotland next week, so I apologize in advance for the radio silence, but promise to come home with some stories of our travels!  We are hiking across the Highlands from Aberfeldy to Fort William, and then taking a couple of days to explore Skye.  Very very excited.

In hopes of other summer adventures, and because she needed it badly, I have refinished my wooden sea kayak that I built 15 or so years ago.  I used offsets from Pygmy kayaks, it is their oldest hull design I think, and meant for long journeys….the Queen Charlotte Standard.  I can easily pack 200lbs of gear plus myself in it, though I would say overall the boat is too big for me and is hard for me to handle in a stiff wind, as the big nose causes it to weathercock pretty hard especially when it is empty, and my short stature and lighter weight and short arms (and, lets be honest these days, lack of upper body strength) make it hard for me to control and turn quickly in rough conditions.  That said, I have had it out in some big swell, and though I couldn’t turn it when I wanted to, quartering into the wind this boat shouldered off anything the lower Columbia threw at it that day.  I’d love to build another one sometime, that was a better fit for me and a little lower profile (and maybe with a skeg).  Boy is it nice to have a big heated covered shop to work in! One of the benefits of the students being gone for the summer.  With any luck, the husband and I will take our boats up to the west coast of Vancouver Island some time in August for a little trip….

roof racks....such a fan

roof racks….such a fan

shiny varnish

shiny varnish

kayak camping at our favorite spot...the 'shack place'

kayak camping at our favorite spot…the ‘shack place’

Hope everyone out there in blog land has a great summer!


2 thoughts on “Summer!

  1. Barry

    Ach! Hopefully you see this before or upon departure – being connected through my mother’s lineage to the Royal Stewart clan, I hope you have a fantastic trip. Some day I must also go there. I think I’d do just fine on a steady diet of shortbread and Scotch, too! Looking forward to seeing your posts with your most favorite photos! “Ha a guid journay!”

    1. spudlust Post author

      Ach indeed, I missed your comment Barry, but thanks! We had a grand time, and a lovely walk. The locals kept asking us if we were Canadian, I think because of our North American accents and that we were on foot. Also you are more likely to compliment an American by assuming they are Canadian, and more likely to insult a Canadian by asking if they are American. I apologized a lot for Donald Trump while I was there. Working on the post now, hope to have it up soon!


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