Putting the cart before the horse, take 2

So, last night all my river guidin’, horseback ridin’, western cowgirl farmer wannabee big truck fantasies came true.  We found a rig to tow the Dingo (and other things)!  Sorry for the low quality pic, but she is a beaut.  And my husband even got me the old school Pacific Wonderland plates, sweet man.

She's big, she's white, she's 4WD....

Every girl needs one, and a good man is useful too….

In other news, we had an above average backyard honey harvest, the latest batch of baby bunnies are adorable, and they have cut the trees in the last section of the parcel behind the farm we expect to close on in November.  Looks like a natural disaster back there, but also feels oddly like forward progress.  And of course we wanted them to finish logging before we bought, as that will be easier for everybody.  There was a beautiful doe looking for apples under the apple tree…..which looks like it might be a Gravenstein!  And there should be a fantastic walnut crop, if the squirrels don’t get them all.



One thought on “Putting the cart before the horse, take 2

  1. Farmer Lu

    Hey Dalton you better watch out, there’s a sheisty lookin’ fellow riding around in the back of your cowgirl-mobile! Speaking of which, is that a F250 or a 150?


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