Happy Thanksgiving!

Really, this is the best holiday quite possibly ever invented.  We gather around a table with family and friends to share a meal and literally give thanks for all that we have been given.  I can definitely count myself as one who is truly blessed:  with good health, a wonderful life partner, a loving family, a very satisfying life, with lots of adventures to look forward to.  We continue to wait to close on our property, which we first saw last year on Thanksgiving Day.  The seller needs to put in a working septic system, and we have figured out where that will go, and then the driveway over the culvert needs to be widened to the fire marshal’s satisfaction.  We expect closing to happen sometime in January, hopefully around my birthday if all goes well.

extra southern style pecan pie, with a western take on an east coast classic cocktail...

extra southern style pecan pie, with a western take on an east coast classic cocktail…

Above all, I am thankful for the brilliant invention of pie.  This year’s Thanksgiving home run was a Sorghum Molasses (crushed and cooked up by my oldest friend and her team of Belgingers in NC) Bourbon Pecan Pie.  It was delicious.  And speaking of brilliant inventions, I invented a mixed drink this fall after infusing some mid range bourbon with Marionberries:  a blackberry Manhattan I have called the Black Friday.  The ingredients are the usual proportions of Blackberry infused bourbon, vermouth, bitters, a couple of tablespoons of blackberry apple cider puree, and garnished with a couple of the bourbon pickled marionberries.  Dark, smoky, sweet, and berry-licious.  And it goes fantastically with Bourbon Sorghum Molasses Pecan Pie.  To infuse the bourbon, I simply filled a jar with berries, topped it off with bourbon, let it infuse for a month, and then filtered.  I kept the bourbon pickled berries for garnish, clearly.

Here is the recipe for Sorghum Pecan Pie that I used, just add a couple of tablespoons of bourbon, and there you are.  Happy Holidays!


2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Barry

    Happy Thanksgiving to all! My favorite holiday since I can remember, with so much fun (NO TV then – we were overseas), and so much good eats! Later on, I practiced pecan pie making, making Martha Stewart’s pate brisee and bourbon pecan filling, complete with carefully placed concentric rings of pecan halves and hand-embellished pastry cut-outs of little turkeys, acorns, and leaves along the rim…..ohh, man, a five-hour job for two pies. I lost the little cut-out tools and ceramic pie plates after three house moves to hell and back, so I have only the recipe, now. I think I’ll try the one you posted, though, as I love molasses, bourbon, and I need an excuse to try replacing part of the ice water in the dough recipe with well-chilled bourbon (for a nice flakey crust).
    Hopefully, that septic system gets done as soon as this freezy-cold storm fades away. May you have lots of fun getting the new place settled really soon. I noticed that your recipe has 736 calories per serving, or about 4416 cakories per pie….but if you are sharing it with family, the calories do not count. Thanks for the recipe!

  2. spudlust Post author

    Not sure I wanted to know the calorie count! The way I look at it: pecans are a superfood (like walnuts, right?), and sorghum is a great source of micronutrients. Calories, shmalories. I use apple cider vinegar in my crust (actually I use the tart crust from Chez Panisse Fruit, not this one), but bourbon would be a brilliant crust addition in anything spicy or eggy or vanilla-y. Love it! Hmmm, wonder what the calorie count for my traditional eggnog (the one that takes a dozen eggs and a quart of heavy cream) is? Best not to know. Happy Holidays!


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