The 9th Inning

Drum roll please…..the Septic is going in!  Here is the drainfield, not exactly where we’d asked, but it will work.  This is the final thing standing between us and closing on this property.  We are soooo ready.  At least we think we are.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd here is our newly widened driveway, the other puzzle piece we were waiting for….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf we hike up the ridge behind the property on a sunny day, we are rewarded with a beautiful view of the Patton Valley.  I have been enjoying the sun, but boy am I ready for some rain!  This has been the Winter of the Ice Fogs.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd, another addition to the property this winter: a pond.  I always wanted one, and when they are built by beavers, there is no permitting required.  They are working on our firewood issue as well, those drowning alders are not long for this world….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis dry weather has been lovely, but as soon as the septic is in and finalized, I will be doing my rain dance in earnest (it may also look a lot like a happy dance).  Thanks for all your support, good people of blogland.  We are getting close!



2 thoughts on “The 9th Inning

  1. Barry

    Such great news! That “Field of Drains” is really a cleverly disguised field of dreams. That’s a beautiful view, too. Maybe there would be a little area for a bench for a relaxing glass of wine or a wee dram of scotch? According to the weather wookies, we are in for a repeat of that early December weather, and soggy, too. Moving in can’t be far away now!

  2. spudlust Post author

    thanks Barry. I don’t know about you but the weather is wild here…several inches of snow and a lot of wind! I threw a wool blanket over the bunny cage that has the newbies in it (so far they seem fine). I am looking forward to a morning ski in the neighborhood, though it sounds like it will all turn to rain by monday. We are boxing up the house bit by bit…and yes, I’d love to stash a picnic table up on the ridge. That view will stay open for several years yet (and the other end has a little peek a boo view of Mt Hood…) before the trees grow back.


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