Slowly slowly is surely progress

Nope-don’t ask-No farm yet, but our paperwork is working its way through the county.  I am not chilling any champagne just yet, but I am contemplating buying some.  In the meantime I pull weeds and mow around the farmhouse…wash the windows, make it look like somebody cares about it.  In town I am throwing out peppers and tomatoes I couldn’t get into gallon containers or buckets, and wondering if I will get my newly sprouted squashes and cucumbers into the ground.  Hesitantly packing a few more boxes, even as I try to find my summer clothes and barbecue tools which were all packed up sometime back in February….it is odd to live on hold for so long.

On the other hand, my mustang mare is making great strides-gaining confidence every week.  I got my first ride on her last thursday…in the middle of a gullywasher but I could have cared less!  first rideShe gets more beautiful every time I see her.  Can’t wait until I can walk out my front porch and see her everyday!  I found a good used saddle that fits for a great price, and look forward to putting her in English gear (though she looks great in a Western saddle too).

The fishing has been pretty good in the Columbia and the Willamette.  This helps keep us cheerful.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand berry season has begun!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHappy summer everyone!



2 thoughts on “Slowly slowly is surely progress

  1. Barry

    As the summer solstice approaches, so too shall those nearly inscrutable shards of paperwork that will finally signify your ownership. We all await that event. Stay Calm and Carry On.


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