We have chickens!

We fixed up the old coop and moved in about 20 hens of various breeds and ages…although several of the pullets are turning out to be cockerels…a good opportunity to go visit Mineral Springs Poultry in a few weeks.  Next we start to tackle the house!


coop remodel complete!

coop remodel complete!

Complete with outdoor dining area....

Complete with outdoor dining area….

coop interior

coop interior

first farm eggs

first farm eggs

It is so nice to have hens again….and eggs!




4 thoughts on “We have chickens!

  1. Barry

    That is so cool! That’s a nice big area for chicken roaming. It reminds me of my tot years, being put in my grandma’s “chicken jail”, as I called it, to herd them about. Probably had my folks laughing hysterically!

    1. spudlust Post author

      Thanks Barry. No free ranging here-too many chicken slaying dogs and other wild beasts about. But the panels are easy to move when they mow this down and so far are keeping chickens in and bad guys out…but we are only into week two….Haven’t jailed any children in there yet but I will keep that in mind! 😉


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