Osprey has landed!

Sorry for the lack of posting-we are super busy and without internets out in the country.  But not only do we have owls in the woods and swifts in the chimney (no more bees in the closet-hooray!), we have an Osprey in the barn.  Here she is:

 alfalfa for breakfast

alfalfa for breakfast

So far she is adjusting well, doing a great job of mowing down my waist high pastures.  She loves the trail rides, and is very tolerant of the dogs, who are turning into stellar farm dogs, as long as the chickens stay in their yard and coop……we are about to tear into the house for rewiring and replumbing, I have to head back out there to pull nails out of all the trim I removed this week.  Cheers!


3 thoughts on “Osprey has landed!

  1. Barry

    Yes! Osprey looks so beautiful. I really like this picture, with one of the dogs framed by your steed. I’d be inclined to ask Osprey every day for a little walk, bareback, just to check out the grounds.
    Sounds like you are making tons of progress on the house, too. I don’t guess that you’ll have cable, but if you get satellite with Wildblue, beware, they are very expensive, and it is impossibly hard to track usage. I hope to change from them to Dish for the internet (no cable or DSL here, either) in a couple of months.

    1. spudlust Post author

      thanks, yes I pinch myself everytime I see her. We may luck out and get Fios for internet, which would be great. Otherwise dish something or other, not a lot of options….yes it is super busy and exciting-the demo on house and barn is done I will post pics soon!


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