Modern amenities

We have internets!

And indoor plumbing!


Wood fired central heating that works excellently!  It is sleeting and 30 outside, cozy and 70 inside…..


In farmy news we rotated the chickens onto fresh pasture:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARoosterman inspected and approved.  He really is a nice rooster, and I think the hens are happier and forage more with him around.


And we continue to be amazed by the incredible wildlife we get to see and hear here at the edge of the forest:

M2E39L138-138R399B310You can see the beginnings of my funny little round raised bed garden down below-I did get a fair amount of garlic in this fall.  The 2015 growing season has already started!

Stay cozy!



4 thoughts on “Modern amenities

    1. Barry

      Wow! I think you have super-good plumbing AND electrical work, there! The wire runs are better than journeyman level, and the plumbing looks perfectly tied in as well. That is super-professional work by any measure. Looks like the chooks have pretty well graded and weeded that patch of ground, and they might want to have the umbrella moved so they can work in the rainy season, too. I don’t know, but once the chicken flickin’s get decomposed, that will be very fine garden soil. You may want to give that squirrel a new county address, though.

  1. spudlust Post author

    thanks everyone-the electrical was done by professionals, the plumbing by my husband. It took a few tries and a lot of help from the plumbing inspector, but he did an amazing job. I’m pretty sure that squirrel is from the next county….our walnut tree attracts every bushytail from miles around- much to the dogs’ consternation. 🙂


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