2014-A year I’ll never forget

What a year it has been!

We finally closed on the farm in Gaston last summer, and still I pinch myself everyday I walk out my front door. Especially on days like Christmas morning when I see our local herd of Roosevelt elk passing through and whistling hello.

christmas elk

christmas elk

Playing in the pasture with your very own mustang is a little like having one’s own unicorn.  She is such a fun mix of wild, wise and sweet.

no caption needed

no caption needed

And the house isn’t nearly done yet but it is getting close!  Soon I will be able to focus on other more farmy projects (like a propagation house….and a wash station….and and and)

gettin' civilized around here..

gettin’ civilized around here..

There is trim and furniture in my very near future, I can feel it!  I hope everyone has had as wonderful and exciting a year as we have, and here is to great things in 2015!  Happy New Year everyone!


5 thoughts on “2014-A year I’ll never forget

  1. Barry

    Happy New Year! (I thought I’d live in Hawaii, learned the history, culture, even the language, like, “Haoli Makahiki Hou” but I’m still a haole [whiteman], so I just use the greetings for New Year’s to remind me, Oregon is far more beautiful.) Your home looks simply beautiful as well – and Osprey looks really happy in her pasture. Lucky you!

  2. Angelique H.

    Very interested in your blog. There are very few for the Pacific NW, let alone Oregon, and next to Columbia County…nonexistant. Are you going to keep it updated? Would love hear what you are up to lately.

    1. spudlust Post author

      thanks so much for your interest Angelique! I hope so, though I am currently remodeling a couple of houses and starting a business, so two blogs may be hard to manage. If you want to see the farm blog which I hope to keep updated weekly during the growing season for my CSA members, you can find it at longrunfarm.wordpress.com.
      I am assuming you know MatronofHusbandry-I think that is the very best PNW homesteading blog there is, and she updates 2-3 x a week. She’s amazing, and up in Corbett. A goal to strive for.



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