It’s raining, it’s pouring-time for a blog post.

Well, I guess it has been a while-but we have been busy busy busy!

The bees and the bunnies have been neglected this year-but we are making progress on the gardens and the orchard.  The CSA went well, the farmers market was a learning experience, time marches on, I look up and it is November!  How the heck did that happen?

Here are some pics from late summer and fall:

orchard terrace triumph

orchard terrace triumph

With no real frost in sight I still have peppers and tomatoes in the fields (although the ripe tomatoes have all exploded-a job for next week is to clear those rows).  My fall mustards are bolting-no idea if this is normal in November but it seems odd.  Lots of alliums (slugs like those), and greens and the beet beds just keep beeting away.  Delicious parsnips are in too-so good.  All of my potatoes went to the CSA- I won’t be making that mistake again!  And lots of other lessons learned-a topic for a later post.

hot peppers

hot peppers

The pullets are now in lay.  The ducks….out of seven ducklings I ended up with 5 drakes and two hens.  Needless to say four of the boys are headed for the freezer. Neither of the girls has laid an egg yet so I am not expecting much until after the winter solstice.  Unlike the hens the ducks are not on 14 hours of light-once I am down to a breeding trio I am hoping to move them in with the hens-or get them their own light system.

hen egg, pullet egg

hen egg, pullet egg

Looking forward to some introspection and rest-for a first year it has been a pretty good one, crazy weather notwithstanding.  I did get out and have a little fun-including taking Osprey on her very first big road trip to the coast.  She was super brave and did great!  Even loaded in the trailer without too much fuss.  Such a good girl.

good pony

Winter projects include a new woodstove for the house (we pulled the old furnace out of the basement and installed some mini splits),  a real prop house, major barn repair, more fencing and some water catchment…no lack of things to keep us busy.  And I will spend the dark months exploring mysteries like how to get the husk fly out of my walnut and how to keep the aphids out of my cabbage….lots to learn.

More soon!




2 thoughts on “It’s raining, it’s pouring-time for a blog post.

  1. Barry

    Osprey looks positively radiant on the beach – great picture! Will you be planting some of the orchard in bare-roots this year?

  2. spudlust Post author

    Hi Barry! Hope you had a good summer down south-crazy fire season. Most of the orchard trees are whip grafts I got from the Home Orchard Society last year-I was looking for some hard to find varieties of apple and pear- that I then let get established in pots-I did plant some bare root pie cherries in the spring-most survived (they didn’t get watered much). Then I got some more late season fire sale potted trees this fall. I’ll put some more things in in the spring-probably some bare root some not depending on where I can find the varieties I want.
    Hope alls well!


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