New Year. Resolution.

First we had 30 straight days and 21 inches of rain on the orchard terraces (and everything else)….then clear and frost on the beet greens,

frosty beeet

frosty beet

now, snow on the wheelbarrow.


time to muck...

time to muck…

This is supposed to turn to ice later-maybe we have enough elevation to miss out on the ice and just get more snow….

In spite of the rain the terraces have all held up well-I did a bunch of civil engineering to get water to drain and spread out along the terraces in both directions.  The baby trees all seem to be in good shape.

I also graveled Osprey’s roundpen/sacrifice area, and boy has that been a godsend in this weather.  No mud!  None!  And picking out is like cleaning a giant litter box.  It was not cheap but worth every penny, and the horse appreciates not surfing around on slimy mud all winter long.

roundpen footing

round pen footing

The pen is graded away from the barn, and the barn got gutters this summer. Then I put down road fabric which keeps the mud out of the rock so it lasts longer, 4 inches of 3/4 minus gravel, and 2 inches of 1/4 ten (‘turkey grit’) on top of that.  The grit sized gravel acts more like sand but is safer for the horse-she is less likely to eat it and get sand colic.

We finally got our wood burning insert installed in the house-we are as cozy as cozy can be.  It is a Lopi stove-burns cleaner than a pellet stove and takes a big piece of wood-24″.  We also have minisplits to keep the house warm if we leave town or don’t want to build a fire-and the stove will keep us toasty if the power goes out.  We took one chimney down to the roof line and had the other one lined.  Next for the house is a new metal roof.

bring on the wing chair...and a good book!

bring on the wing chair…and a good book!

one down, one lined

one down, one lined

I have had a good rest, and am ready to start the planning and marketing for the upcoming season-I am finding with organic seed you really have to get on it and order early or a lot of the varieties you want get sold out.  This is especially true for potatoes and cover crop seed.  I have ordered a couple of good looking farm books, and my new BCS tractor, and will probably order and build my first green/prophouse this month.

The garlic is up and says we are already on the downhill slide to spring.  The days are getting longer.  But for now, I am happy to see some snow.

winter garlic

winter garlic

Happy New Year, everyone!


4 thoughts on “New Year. Resolution.

  1. spudlust Post author

    Great to see you back on the blog MOH. I am trying to limit my social media so I have yet to instagram…been missing your writing. Which reminds me-I better order my potatoes now and follow my own dang advice. BTW, I also built a t tape winder this fall- and it also works great for electric fence. 😉

  2. matronofhusbandry

    I’m finding Instagram much less frustrating and more timely than blogging. I have yet to use my fancy drip winder, snow and now ice have the drip tape all nicely hidden from view.
    Sounds like you get about the same amount of rain as we do. I am glad for the rain, last summer was nice with more warm nights, but pasture and hay really suffered 😦 It seems a good garden year is a bad hay year, and vice versa.

  3. spudlust Post author

    Yes, my pastures were hammered by the heat. My meat birds were moved daily but I don’t think there was much grass for them by the time they were big enough to pasture. It was too hot for my taste-but a good year for tomatoes and peppers for sure. Definitely seeing where the limits are here but so far we have handled drought and flood without running out of water or washing away, so so far so good! I think the drip winder really shines when it comes time to lay out the tape again. No yanking out of the high weeds and untangling.


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