forward into spring


Early season projects….


new hoophouse!

We skinned that cat, and now snug on the inside is a seed starting extravaganza-complete with heat mats, tables, a propagation sweatbox, a seeding table, and early garden beds out of the weather.  Spring break for farmers-it was 80 degrees in here the other day…..


it is all fun and games until the field voles find you….

Waiting for a break in the weather to fire up the new BCS-like all tools it is a little oversized for a 5′ 4″ woman and will take some getting used to-but I’ll get that tiger by the tail.

Daffodils are blooming, raab is raabing, bunnies are…. looking very pregnant.


Looking forward to the upcoming season-hoping to get some water catchment in place before the summer dry spell hits-El Nino will perhaps give us a little extra time on that one.  We have some big tanks in place, waiting for the smaller catch tanks to arrive before we set it all up.  Otherwise the seed trays and greenhouse are filling up quickly while we wait for the next break in the weather.  Rain or shine, we are still having fun.  Even if that means applying greenhouse plastic when you would rather be eating dinner.


wiggle wire anyone?


When I start freaking out about politics or global climate change or what the heck I am doing farming….I just stare into the heart of this Romanesco, and all is well.  It is like a vegetable tuning fork for the mind.  Or I would, if I hadn’t eaten it last week.  I am in the universe, and the universe is in me.  For the record, the universe is delicious.


Clearly it is time to go outside, rain or no rain.  Cheers everyone!



4 thoughts on “forward into spring

  1. Barry

    That is one fine hoophouse! Our piddly bedraggled greenhouse has started to lose its cover, but it was long overdue for a new one. And it is waaaay too soggy yet for mowing, and dragging chopped down berry vines and fruit tree prunings to the pasture pyre. Oh, well, time to set those clocks ahead, anyway.

  2. spudlust Post author

    ha ha MOH-my husband is actually finding some time to work on the fishing boat (and perhaps even go fishing) for the first time in a year and a half. But yes, things are coming along!


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